Blade Runner

Blade Runner

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Key features

Reduces risk of accidents

  • No exposed blades. Blades never in contact with fingers or hands.
  • Cut in a forward motion. Trip hazards are visible.
  • Tool is pushed away from the body. Reduced riks of cuts and injury.

Saves time on site

  • Cutting time halved. No turning to cut reverse of board.
  • Cuts shapes, corners and circles. Over three times quicker than a utility knife.
  • Neat professional finish. Consistent and clean finish with every cut.



Product Codes and Pack Quantites
Product Product Code Case Size
BladeRunner 85128 6
BladeRunner blade refill 6 pack 85135 24
BladeRunner blade refill 12 pack 85136 24
BladeRunner Holster 85159 6
BladeRunner Rasp 85185 6